Reinvention of the business and cultural pillars of the organization

Leaders govern the value-creation work of the organization, and guide it towards sustainability. Leaders recognize that living systems transform rapidly when they view change as the means to preserve themselves. So, they notice changes in the environment and activate the operational systems and cultural processes of the organization to innovate and adapt accordingly.

Transformational change alters the fundamental position and trajectory of the organization. It demands an extensive shift and revision of the basic assumptions held by the people. Therefore, leaders are required to stage revolutions in organizational systems. The ability to navigate a human system through profound change and renewal is thus the sine qua non of leadership.

Transformational leadership is the ability to collectively formulate and realize a vision in practice.

Transformation is yielded through a spiral of – Appreciation, Visualization and Actualization:


An “inspired” search for the core heritage of a human system


Developing a shared understanding of what people want to be, and to become


Reinventing the operating model and strategy, so as to help create sustainable economic, social and ecological value.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the phenomenon of transformation, through a robust process framework

  • Explore and articulate one’s own talents, values, and hopes for the future

  • Practice the art of comprehending and articulating the cultural pillars of a human system

  • Generate energy and commitment towards the creation and accomplishment of a shared vision

  • Learn about every aspect of organizational reinvention in detail, through nine full-length organizational case studies

  • Direct the flow of organizational strengths towards sustainable value-creation