Harmoniously guiding the members of a team or workgroup towards high performance


When skilled individual contributors produce good results and demonstrate an ability to get along with others, they get promoted to a supervisory responsibility.


Supervision refers to the act of overseeing the activities performed by other people. It is concerned with observing, guiding and monitoring a group of people as they apply themselves towards the performance of the assigned responsibilities – within time, cost, quality, safety and other stipulated parameters.


Supervisory Acumen is the capacity to achieve results by harmonizing the efforts of numerous individual contributors within a collective setting.


Facilitating the kind of symphony witnessed in a musical orchestra or a synchronized surgical unit is the primary supervisory challenge.

Supervisory Acumen is developed by Credibility, Commitment and Collaboration:


Demonstrate Personal Credibility, which is the quality of being trusted, respected and believed by others


Build Interpersonal Commitment, which is the act of inspiring the involvement and engagement, of people towards their role or colleagues


Enable Collective Collaboration, by aligning and empowering employees to work together at the intersection of common goals


Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the criticality of a supervisor’s or team leader’s role

  • Evoke trust and authentic respect amongst one’s colleagues

  • Build a sense of dedication amongst the individual group members

  • Demonstrate interpersonal flexibility, so as to suit the preferences of the other individual

  • Mobilize colleagues to accomplish the collective goals harmoniously, without the exercise of formal authority

  • Understand and Imbibe the process framework by which supervisory excellence may be achieved