By: G.Srinivasan

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It is indeed amazing, also perturbing, that a singularly perfect law unifying all natural processes in the Universe, without exception, has been known for aeons, yet neither science nor the Vedic academia have been any the wiser for it. This essay exposes the unique mathematical law from the very archives of preglacial intellectualism (See “SANKHYA: AN ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY UNIFIES SCIENCE AND RELIGION.”). The unique law of nature, exposing the inherent dynamism of nature will provide the motivation for a shift in human focus in managing its affairs. It has serious ramifications to both theoretical Physics and holistic science including theistic ideologies. Though logically correct, it may, on application, seem to oppose commonly perceived values. So iterative and elliptic explanatory methods are used here to highlight the key complex issues. For, the entire translation of Sanskrit words is presently based on its static aspects whereas Vedic thought is based on fundamental dynamism. The dictionary meaning of the word Yoga is ‘joining or yoking’ whereas ‘harmonising, synchronising or resonating’ is the dynamic equivalent that is absent in it. The Sankhya theory imbedded in the Bhagavadgita (Gita) exposes the three modes of a Guna interaction, through the dynamic principle of Swabhava or self-similarity. This principle of the interactive Guna states was amplified later through the Shanti mantra in the Ishavasya Upanishad, from the last chapter of the Yajur Veda. The two-line verse defines the key term, ‘Purna‘ meaning total resonance, needed to sustain a dynamic state perpetually. While the commonly referred meaning of Purna in a dictionary is full, complete or whole, the technical meaning is ‘sonorous, vibrant or resonant’. Reflecting the axiomatic Sankhya Guna principles composed as an Upanishad, especially for the lay public, this verse is a timeless and memorable one. It defines the singularly powerful interactive state that pervades through everything in the Universe. Even the erudite may not be aware of Sankhya but the multitudes in India certainly know of the popular Shanti mantra, for it is mentioned in many ritualistic ceremonies.

Purnamada: Purnamidam Purnath Purnamudachyathey,

Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavasishyathey.

While this theorem is a mathematical one, the pedagogical translation defining it is:

(That) Resonance: The same resonance, through resonance, expands resonance. By resonance, supplementing resonance remains ever resonant

The simplified mathematical translation from Sankhya demonstrates that Vedic knowledge dealt with reality in a real way, through numbers, to eliminate ambiguity. In Physics too there is a formula commonly called the Hamiltonian of a classical oscillator that is a complex expression of combining two energy states to derive the equation of motion. Whereas the Sankhyan dimensionless expression below is an equation of perpetual balance (as Shanti mantra) that can apply to all states of activity.

Solving it gives the value of the Purnam or the golden mean of the Greeks or the scalar potential.

0.618 + 0.382 = 0.618 + 0.6182 = 1

Rewritten in a variety of ways, it sweeps through, to explain numerically, all manifestation processes in the Universe. The seemingly childish formula has the power to express numerically the dynamic state of phenomenon ranging from an Andhatamisra or blackhole to the boundary of Brahmanda or Cosmic Universe. It formed the ‘seed’ of Vedantic philosophy of Parabrahma, albeit Sankhya had earlier established precisely the numerical value and interactive characteristics of the basic field of Brahma as the Kshetra in the Gita. Its axiomatic natural law or Dharma evolves from the three phases in any interaction named as Tama, Raja and Satwa (or inelastic, resonant and elastic colliding states in physics). It is collectively called the three Gunas symbolised by the bow in the Gita. Tama the dense and compressive state of resonance is supplemented by the constantly resonant Raja and expansively resonant Satwa states to keep Tama ever resonant. In the ensuing half of a resonant cycle, the resonant Raja state transfers from the Tama state to expand into the Satwa state and vice versa. Though this perpetual cycle of resonant interactions take place simultaneously, the two different modes of compressive & expansive interactions follow one law of simultaneity. It is similar to a bow, wherein compression in the arch is balanced by the tension in the string simultaneously and all changes are always balanced by both aspects instantly by its vibrant state. It represents a stable resonant state or a hologram in modern Physics, which led to its description as Maya in Sanskrit. The profoundness of this law can be gauged by the fact that there is no equivalent expression in Physics even today. That is because simultaneous dynamic phenomenon is deemed to violate the principle of causality in Physics. But Sankhya view of space is that of a substantial medium in which simultaneity as a principle is made real through the ansatz of self-similarity. It is based on a simple axiomatic concept that in a very large volume of elemental components the central portion would experience a restriction to free movement. Hence, a movement could be initiated here only through mutual adjustment between neighbouring components. That law is shown as an axiomatic expression, in the Shanti mantra or equation of resonance. Though Shanti is generally translated as peace or tranquillity, technically it means an equality of two different but confronting forces. It is a true equation of a dynamic state in balance like a strung bow. When the cycle is balanced, there is no evidence of a time delay, depicting the Parabrahma or fundamental & tranquil state of a dynamic or vibrant space. Any unbalance creates a time delay and manifestation proceeds thereon. Sankhya defines this basic state as Aikantha, Athyantha, Atho, Abhavath or Coherent, Perpetual, Dynamic and Unmanifest.

The fundamental field of space, forming the real base for cosmology & physics, is thoroughly dealt with by Sankhya axiomatic mathematics. In fact, it can form the scientific and encyclopaedic base provided scientists deign to understand it. The question as to why all this was hidden for so long behind the assumed veil of Vedic erudition was due to a sheer lack of objectivity on the part of our post glacial forbears. Maharishi Kapila, who propounded Sankhya, hammered home the point, through 68 exquisite & axiomatic Sutras (or theorems of logic), that only numerical axioms can express reality in real ways, whereas pedagogic fluency was at best an effort at building fuzzy logic. It is the earliest record of scientific objectivity through a numerical language. Eminent Vedic Acharyas of yore, instead of trying to understand this complex mathematical work, autocratically labelled Sankhya as an atheistic production thus sending it to the archives of intellectual oblivion. Being a numerically precise, unified field theory, Sankhya proved through axiomatic logic the oneness of the concept of God & the reality of the Universe and the equivalence of the concept of materiality & spirituality. The logic was unimpeachable, for its mathematics proved that all manifestation was only due to vibrations and vibrations alone, which operated through a single law from beginning to end and its source was the very embodiment of omnipotence. Maharishi Kapila’s concept is in fact supported by modern quantum theory, which has established the same vibratory concept, though not as clearly and extensively as Sankhya has. Because quantum theory is still not unified into a field concept whereas Sankhya is an axiomatic theory of quantised action in the unified field of substantial space. The reason Physics is stumbling on this issue is a simple one. Sankhya logic points out that if the forward and backward motion in vibration is absolutely equal there will be no translational movement at all.

But Physics is deeply preoccupied with finding the smallest difference between the forward and backward movement (the Hamiltonian) instead of finding out the basic to-and-fro motion, the Sankhyan Moolaprakriti! While Physics suspects that small movement is a ‘string’ of about 10 trillionths, Sankhya has derived through axiomatic mathematics as 51 trillionths. An axiom, as is well known cannot be disproved, which then makes it applicable for all times and by that permanence, attains the mantle of divinity. Hence, axioms lead to permanent laws of nature.

The duality (matter/spirit) of perception was only due to a mental shift in focus caused by the differences in one’s genetic nature. But true understanding gained by re- focussing the mind objectively through the meditative Siddhi process of Sankhya, showed the underlying oneness. Stating it differently, the philosophic or spiritually oriented mind preferred to use the language of words to build a descriptive mental picture. While the scientific or matter oriented mind chose the language of precision to describe the same Universe through numerical certainty. The noblest aspect of this unique axiomatic law is that it is devoid of any bias towards gender or the usual classifications of ‘animal-vegetable-mineral kingdoms’. The profoundness of Sankhyan logic can be inferred from the following fact that the numerically identified maximum and minimum holographic states of Purusha and Moolaprakriti in Sankhya are as yet ‘objects’ to be discovered in current physics. Any society with this type knowledge in their ken should have given the lead to the rest of the world in attaining a gracious living style based on total equality of all human beings. Instead, the ignominious aspect was that savage hordes periodically poured across our borders to denigrate us, while we had that knowledge, safely entombed in sacred altars, that could have kept such invaders at bay forever. In this light, there is no alternative but to re-focus ourselves, the nation and the world communities, to that state of freedom, nature has guaranteed to be all humanity’s lot. However, any change must be positively sustainable in the long term and the focus must be towards such a paradigm.

Definition of a Sustainable Concept

Even before we begin to analyse, as a prelude to change, the sequence of historical follies committed by so called civilised societies, the foregoing fact cries out to humanity to alter its present direction. The existence of irrefutable facts, confirmed by human observation, experience and intellectual reflection, supported by esoteric historical evidence, shows the Cosmic entity in which we live, has existed perfectly from time immemorial. And that too only through its own system of organisation, control and regeneration. From the human point of view, that is free of emotional bias, intellectual suppositions, cultivated hang-ups and anticipated fears, the foregoing cannot but impel the objective observer to adopt that very law which ensures the same kind of success. Natural law tested and tried out over the period of cosmic existence, by nature itself, has proved its infallibility. By demonstrating, that itsunitary mode of action, supported by a single law, based on the axiomatic principle of self-similarity, has created and sustained the gamut of manifestation, humans are witness to. That unitary aspect is the purely vibratory or holographic nature of all phenomenon, which is confirmed by Sankhya mathematics, quantum physics, visualisation by psychics, special photographic techniques, the negative result of the Michelson / Morley & Hughes / Drever experiments and much more.

The human psyche, though initially nurtured on natures’ nectar, mother’s milk, in time falls prey to the idiosyncrasies of its environment and begins to see these exotic natures laws as being foreign to the reality of its own existence. For example in the 70’s, multinational greed enticed millions of Indian mothers to bottle-feed their babies. A sequence of mishaps connected with the use of manufactured baby foods demonstrated that depriving babies of their mother’s milk robbed them of immunity to diseases. Reaction to flouting nature’s laws acted slowly but inexorably to compel these commercial plunderers to eventually bleat that ‘bottle feeding is unnatural’! Therefore the need of the hour is a paradigm shift to understand reality as it really is, devoid of all assumed standards built up under exotic names by the self serving counterpart of humanity. The elemental, fundamental and axiomatic process by which nature acts so successfully is through that natural law explained earlier. Therefore, the licence for humanity to act in any way must be preceded by the sanction from such a law. If natural law is paramount, it is just common sense to find out that human actions do conform to it in order to succeed. It is a truism to state that a nation cannot change unless its natives change first. Hence, it’s imperative to motivate the individual first but through national consensus. But it is even more important to let people know what natural law really is. Then fact as truth will prevail to confirm an axiom ‘Natural Law before licence.’

Before humanity can succeed in creating a shift in focus its essential to remove a conceptual caveat. Human beings, through ages of mental conditioning about the superiority of race, religion, caste, gender, colour, region and social level (SDS or Seven Deadly Sins) develop inhibitions and hang-ups that make them believe that the SDS licensing boundary is real. Will the human, indoctrinated by SDS, not demur to follow natural law on the grounds of having to give it all up at one stroke? The following paragraphs, while providing the rationale, will show that the motivated individual does not have to give up a thing but just introduce a change in one’s own mental focus or attitude. It is called self-realisation by the knowledgeable but it is not an act of such magnitude as that word implies. For, all human beings have been doing that while transforming from childhood to adulthood, a process of learning inhibitions we call education. The adults however need a more elegant and easier method to remove the negative aspects of learnt inhibitions, most importantly, by themselves. That method is the involuntary or transcendental mode of meditation. It is a physical act of restful resonance that adds resonance from the resonant field we live in to remain ever resonant, which state fulfils human expectations according to each one’s nature. Or in other words, it simply strengthens the internal field of energy according to the genetic nature of the individual, which in turn creates confidence to act correctly. It is indeed a silent form of ‘prayer’ by every elemental component of the human system seeking to nourish itself from the very source that sustains it. This process is extremely powerful because it transcends the misplaced and unreal wants that an overt mental prayer directs to a conceptual creator. For it directly establishes contact, through resonance, with the real source of all power.

The average person has learnt about the instantaneous effects of electricity, by switching on a light bulb. Sankhya proves through unimpeachable mathematics that every elemental genetic cell in a human is the equivalent of a billion billion light bulbs in terms of coherent energy. Therefore, the human meditator must have the patience to wait about 20 minutes in that meditative state to complete this magnificent process of transfer, all by itself from the source of all power. Existing volumes of Sanskrit verses have conveyed this simple and elemental fact through a myriad ways to establish a logic that human beings can understand, accept and follow. But unfortunately, the cultivated process of inhibition, having got the better of man, immersed him into the world of the imaginary, the unrealistic and the impossible. Despite grandiose pronouncements, that project human beings to the top of the evolutionary ladder, they too must follow the same law like any other organism. Hence, they must submit freely to all the universal processes needed for their existence. But this simple act of submission raises the individual to the heights of fulfilment. For the real meditative state, though an outcome of natural law is beyond the SDS licensing boundary. Hence, it transforms the individual to be without that boundary.

The re-focusing effect due to the meditative state exists only because the real Universe we live in is a vibrating holographic entity (equivalent of a spiritual state). Only a holographic state can transfer resonance through resonance to its resonating counterpart, the real genetic matter, which forms the dynamic holographic ensemble to create a living organism, be it human, animal, plant or others. Fortunately, resonance knows not the SDS, so it acts equally and democratically to all who submit to that state. The importance of being in the meditative state is immeasurable for during that period humans shed their hang-ups involuntarily which then enables them to see the process of life as it really is. Though it seems involuntary, the truly restful state refreshes the mind which then is able to think objectively to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here, the self teaches the unfettered self, the greatest teacher for itself. To see how, one must realise that spoken or written languages are only codes. A continuous sound clipped and varied by the tongue forms the alphabetic sound just as black dots and dashes on a white paper form a script. These are doorways to transfer knowledge through pedagogic languages. Similarly, a monotonous vibratory state varied ad-nauseum in space forms codes. It not only enables radio and television communication but also affects our cells & genes, as in radio frequency & microwave radiation therapy, all of which are their language of field energy communication. It is resonance from the field of space, that communicates through resonance, to our cells in our self, following the perfect language of natural law. That, makes them perform as they should, during meditation and afterwards. No one can deny the supremacy of genetic knowledge that precisely controls every aspect of human development. Hence, what could be more rewarding than keeping the genetic library updated through resonance? It is an effortless process, for any act of will destroys that resonance so vital for universal communication. While Physics is yet unaware of the holographic nature of so called particles, two well known psychics (among many) Anne Beasant and Leadbeater saw these atomic holograms, through clairvoyant means a century earlier. They recorded more than 92 atomic particles of the chemical periodic table in such accurate detail, that it took Physics 50 years to confirm through experimental verification. Stephen Phillip has researched and recorded their achievements in a book. Hence resonance through meditation must work, as Sankhya and its derivative Yoga Sutra have predicted, in a holographic Universe.

Farewell to Human Hypocrisy!

The unfortunate part is, that while all other organisms submit to the re- focussing or recharging effect in utter humility in one way another, the human being does not. That is the conceptual caveat inculcated by belonging to the SDS. The negative effects of SDS include all cultist-groups that teach sectarian-types of meditation (or ‘prayer’) involving secrecy, monetary compensation, egocentric ritualism, disciplinary genuflection, religious and spiritual pre-eminence, group worship, concepts of reward & punishment, glorification of violence, development of special powers & divine privileges etc. It polarises the individual into feeling superior, (egotism in its worst form) because of belonging to a special group, instead of widening his perspective to realise the true equality of all human beings. Establishing the concept of absolute human equality in the mind of an individual has to be through an internal, voluntary, self-motivated, transcendental re-focussing act, for it to be real and long lasting. But cultist practice, religious or other does exactly the opposite. Cultist religion has coloured the real meaning of the term meditation; so much so, the glitterati will certainly guffaw with glee on their cocktail rounds recounting an idea such as ‘meditation for all’. Despite that hilarious scenario, redefining the term meditation will show that it is a coherent state of both the left and right cerebral lobes synchronised at the resonant state. Which corresponds to 3.75 cycles per second (cps) or the Theta state of brainwave frequency. The Beta state of 25 to 15 cps signifies the normally active level, followed by the Alpha state of 15 to 7 cps at the relaxed level which precedes the Theta range of 7 to 3 cps. Delta state below 3 cps is the sleep – dream levels of mental activity and all of which are based on medical findings over the years.

To re-emphasise that natural law will, with certainty, re-focus human qualities in the right direction, it is worth knowing the essence of this principle. Maharishi Kapila’s Sankhya Sutras 5 and 6 establish the axiomatic theorems, defining the meditative Siddhi states, while Maharishi Patanjali elaborates (later) in the Yoga Sutras, through 4 chapters containing 195 Sutras as a scientific treatise associated with Sankhya. Sutra 23, in the first chapter of Yoga Sutra, is the key to the meditative Siddhi state where the theorem ‘Ishwara Pranidhanad‘ has a specific technical meaning. Pranidhan is a voluntary act of isolating oneself from all distractions in total relaxation so that the individual becomes the submissive receptacle for the transcendental transfer of resonance from the Ishwara field. In Sutra 24, the definition of ‘Ishwara’ is shown to be unambiguously the Sankhya Purusha or coherent state of omnipotent power or perfect resonance in the unified field of space. The ratio of the circumference of the Earth and the velocity of light gives a value of 7.5 wave numbers or displacements per second. The mean rate of 3.75 forms the Ishwara field on earth and is a perfectly resonant match to the Theta brainwave frequency. This translation of Sutra 23 and 24 corrects the erroneous historical perspective, by presenting the real facts about this exotic action by nature, which clearly shows that it falls outside all religious, cultist or SDS connotations. It is physics all the way and even rabid rationalists should not be embarrassed to ’embrace’ it. Nothing could have been defined more scientifically & precisely as these two treatises have done. Even more striking, the medical profession has given a signal confirmation, in all innocence, that the ancient principles are indeed correct. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi foundation has carried out extensive research on the Sankhya Siddhi Yoga phenomenon and successfully extended its practice called ‘Transcendental Meditation’ (trademarked ‘TM’) world-wide. That was through a brilliant chain-reaction technique of ‘the student becoming the teacher’ but with the needless overtones of secrecy and ‘Guru’ concept of submissive genuflection. Herb Benson in the USA has commercialised meditation through a million dollar sales package called the ‘Relaxation Response’, exhibiting exactly what a facilitator of meditation should not do. That is, promoting individuals to a special status in the SDS spectrum, for commercial gain. It is extremely worrisome to note that educated individuals, in so-called civilised nations, can usurp public domain knowledge and use it for personal gain with total impunity. At this rate, one should not be surprised to see the very air we need to breathe being sold to us by opportunists under a trade name like ‘PRANA’! Just to offset such flagrant poaching in public-knowledge-domains the essence of the original meditative Siddhi process is laid bare, further on, for anybody to follow if they will.

It is necessary to correct another widely prevalent misconception that meditation is an associated religious practice. As shown earlier, like any need based human practice of breathing, eating, sleeping etc. meditation centres the individual cerebrally through a process of field energy transference at the fundamental level. That is in fact the nourishing nectar for tired cells and consequently releases the individual from the SDS syndrome by encouraging objective thinking. The meditative process can become acceptable only when intellectuals, especially from scientific groups, understand unequivocally, the real dynamic nature of the Universe. The veil of hypocrisy must be firmly lifted from the dialectic definitions that both scientific and religious intellectuals indulge in to define the fundamental nature of space. As long as that continues, the need to find a realistic solution diminishes to the point that even the correct solution becomes a questionable substitute. Under such circumstances, the holographic base for all phenomena becomes a contentious issue that prevents further progress. Maharishi Kapila, a truly objective intellectual, boldly defined the holographic nature of real space with equally avant-garde equations to unify all aspects of phenomenon precisely and understandably. But that later earned him the wrath of the supporters of dialectic anthropomorphism, who had deftly sublimated that to an emotionally satisfying spiritual divinity. To understand that, one had to accept without question the divine origin of Vedic words being handed down mysteriously. But Maharishi Kapila, in an intellectual manoeuvre of unsurpassed dexterity, showed that axioms removed the mystery, while supplying the logic to derive all aspects of an interactive and dynamic Universe. Sankhyan mathematics has laid bare this fact with utmost numerical accuracy that scientists can only dream of and that too without the dichotomy of a primeval creator whose origins would certainly be questioned by the so called rationalists.

As a case to point, any one questioning the Vedic academia, on the intrinsic meaning of the Bhagavadgita, will receive, as anticipated, an answer based on faith. But the Sankhyan view of the Universe is one of certainty based on numerical proof beyond belief. The Bhagavadgita is based on Sankhya, and that too by its own admission. Hence understanding Sankhyan axiomatic, hardcore logic enables one to understand the Bhagavadgita in just the same way as modern electromagnetic field theory. For the fact is, despite remonstrations to the contrary by the religiose, chapters 8 to 18 in the Gita are a pedagogic description, based on Sankhyan mathematics, of the unified field of space in a dynamic state. Early translators, unaware of the unified- field concept, failed to see the woods for the trees and placed the Gita at the altars of spirituality. But rightfully, it should have been placed on the symbolic-pinnacle of the ‘unified reality of all manifestation’.

A paradigm shift to natural law must, devoid of emotionalism but based on objectivity, recognise that a state of total success is a state of zero errors. One minor glitch in the countdown of a satellite launch programme leads to it’s scrubbing and no arguments based on faith can resurrect it but an appropriate repair will. One may not question the need to launch that satellite for it is this very freedom to act that is humanity’s gift from Natural Law. The Sathya Saibaba produced objects out of thin air, not based on faith but psychokinetic skill, for which Sankhya through the Yoga Sutras provided the hardcore mathematical and holistic logic. Similarly, Uri Geller demonstrated on TV his psychokinetic skill of bending metal through mental will, with the unusual effect of metallic objects bending in the viewers home’s too. One cannot fly in air however strong one’s faith may be but a pair of wings will allow that with certainty. Having faith that man can fly compels him to create those wings. Faith does move mountains it is said but one must recognise facts, for mountains do not move immediately. Very often miracles are attributed to faith but Sankhya logic has shown that two thirds of phenomenon are submerged in the very field we live in and provide a hidden cause for seemingly miraculous events. Yoga Sutra predict ‘magical’ states but it is due to the synchronisation of the cerebral lobes at the 3.75 cps Siddhi state that causes unusual but logical psychokinetic effects which seems to be wizardry. While faith and hope are synonymous and is a sustainer of the human will to succeed, blind faith is a product of the SDS. Humanity is not compelled to accept anything on blind faith, for Sankhya axioms have shown how to understand all universal phenomenon through confirmation by numerical verification. This proves beyond a doubt, that philosophers and theosophists must turn to verification by logic and scientists must depend on the philosophical underpinnings to foresee the hidden spectrum. It then becomes their paradigm shift to unify human intentions to succeed through correct, meaningful actions. Provided both are sufficiently self-motivated to end their self-isolation, in the ivory towers of self-importance and self- aggrandisement, to promote human equality.

Similarly, Hinduism is in reality a system of following natural law or Dharma and is not a religion in the accepted sense of that word. Sankhya logic has pointed out the physical sciences deal with matter while holistic science is involved with the hidden two-thirds as psychic or spiritualistic phenomenon. Hence, Hinduism is not based on the concept of a unitary Godhead, as in monotheism, which not only created the Universe but humans too, with the special privilege of having the creator’s image. That is why the feelings of superiority engendered by monotheism has led to classifying Hinduism as paganism, heathenism, polytheism, pantheism, henotheism etc. The real facts are, the so called Hindus (a word foreign to Sanskrit and Vedas) do not know the meaning of a structured theistic philosophy, for they actually practice many types of ritualism based on natural law. It gives them spiritual freedom to choose any method they like and is not a uniform practice at all. All these holistic practices have drifted down over the ages, from sporadic and diverse interpretation of Vedic compositions. On the other hand, monotheistic practices have SDS concepts as a base, so it justifies pro-active proselytising without realising that it acts against human freedom of thought. More than that, it means the egalitarian concept of human equality depends on religious bias, a totally negative assumption in terms of natural law. On the other hand, Vedic ritualism (Hinduism) is a personal choice from a plethora of spiritual or metaphysical procedures for holistic self-development that resembles a process of choosing different attires for different occasions. While monotheism without a God is no religion, two religions each with the most powerful God creating the same Universe is an even greater anachronism.

The breeding ground for inequality and the denial of fundamental freedom to act as normal human beings begins in edifices that ordains individuals into pro-active theistic practices. Its euphemistic term called ‘sacrifice’, inducts the young ‘volunteers’ from deprived families and incarcerates them into disciplinary cells of self- confinement, denying them the material, emotional and social comforts that are every individual’s birth right. While each nation’s constitution guarantees freedom and acts against the practice of bondage, its proverbial blind spot throws the veil of hypocrisy around monastical compulsions because it has the licence of the divine. The foregoing, though harsh in description, is well justified from the reported spate of assault cases, wherein these desperate souls craving for sexual freedom, that is everyone’s right, are indicted for attaining it stealthily. Here the axiom Natural Law before licence, becomes a must, that ought to be emblazoned in gold on the walls of such monasteries. Humanity must realise any hypocrisy, however well camouflaged in dialectics, cannot ever lead to the practice of absolute human equality. For only when real equality (totally devoid of all types of bias including gender preferences) prevails can human intellectual resources be directed to the total welfare of humanity rather than the destruction of souls of so called non believers, aborigines, tribal, pagans, infidels, kafirs etc. as it happens now. It is every intellectual’s responsibility, however possessed of noble of intentions or endowed with the mantle of the highest office, to realise that looking down at another human being indicates an utter lack of understanding of oneself. Supporting and propagating such attitudes is an assault on human freedom and therefore oneself. Looking at the past few centuries’ record of man’s ‘highest intellectual’ foray, monotheistic religion, one sees nothing but pages of blood from human slaughter, committed just to find out which one is superior. While science, toying around with the mundane has much more to offer that people accept willingly. Whereas, the war between religions still continue.

Welcome to Natures’ Reality

What is natural law? The earlier definition and explanation referred to the holographic field of space, that formed the substratum for all phenomenon. Hence, it is worth understanding, in detail, natural law as applicable to normal living processes, for even as of today there is no explicit information on this axiomatic rule of nature. Ayurveda is based on natural law or Guna concepts but it is unaware of its applicability as a universal principle. The principle of self-similar action in a closed environment is based on natures’ own way of reacting to changes, within itself. It is totally proportionate to its internal resources and uses a certain part of itself to control its own internal actions in its own time. For instance, water flowed down a broad river according to a standard dynamic principle governed by gravity. Yet, the rate of flow along the banks always differed from the mid-region between the two shores. The behaviour of water far from the boundary in the middle was influenced only by its immediate neighbouring state. It was a continuous process of simultaneousadjustment or ‘give & take’ to maintain instant equilibrium. Similarly, in a crowded room two neighbouring individuals could exchange positions only by simultaneously rotating around each other. Another simple way to understand the mechanism of self- similar action was to imagine a person standing in a narrow corridor with both hands pushed against the two side walls. If the person shifted his body to the right, then he was forced to contract his right arm while at the same time expand his left arm to maintain the original hand positions and simultaneously move. It meant that in a confined environment, an internal change in one section triggered a corresponding reactive change simultaneously in an associated section to compensate and correct the overall balance.

The uniqueness of this law is that a single factor controlled two or more types of actions simultaneously. Therefore simultaneous action conserved time and consequently efficiency, effectiveness and energy. Another name for simultaneous action was resonance or synchronisation, which seemed to do the impossible. A few examples will explain how. A martial arts expert breaks a brick instantaneously with a sharp blow by concentrating his entire body weight to act simultaneously on one contact point of his hand; hence, any one can learn to do it. A magnifying glass ignites a paper by synchronising or focusing the suns rays to a point. Soldiers marching in synchronisedsteps break a suspension bridge. A large group of people can batter down a fortress gate with a battering ram in synchronous movement. Ordinary air synchronised into a spiralling whirlwind acts as a tornado to uproot structures. Rain is harmless but the same quantity of water synchronised into a waterfall or cloudburst plays havoc where it falls. A tuning fork placed in a glass breaks it when it synchronises through resonance with another tuning fork elsewhere. The reader himself can recall thousands of such examples that seem magical but these unusual facts would have had no meaning but for the Universe being a holographic entity. What Sankhya has calculated and conveyed to humanity is that these vibrations between the components in substantial space synchronise in trillion trillion numbers every instant to produce this magically phenomenal state we live in and experience. Hence, the period when synchronisation begins is 50 trillionth of a cycle thus paving the way for the string theory that Physics is currently investigating. And the overpowering fact where this law can function is only inside a confined entity we call a Universe or a confined envelope called Brahmanda. And an even grander fact is, as all the events in the Universe are happening simultaneously, it must be connected by a law. Being simultaneous, it must be a law of action within the instant, which by sheer logic can be only one law. Physics, even today, is hopelessly entangled with the Gordian knot of gravitation despite attempts to unravel it through General Relativity. Whereas Sankhya has shown through simple, axiomatic, mathematics that a gravitating transmigration of stresses was to be expected from self-similar interactions in regions of space far removed from a boundary. Sankhya logic has even numerically defined that boundary! Why should man accept Sankhya logic? Because a Universe without something at the basic level is ludicrous and cannot be real. It is pure and simple axiomatic logic. But unfortunately physicists have hypnotised themselves through a mathematical process, that has no connection with reality, to believe that there is nothing real at the fundamental level.


The paradigm shift towards sustainable development for the benefit of humanity seems a theme related to macro phenomenon. Yet focusing on natural law and meditation, which is in the micro-domain, may seem farfetched and out of place in a world where the Sep 11th. WTC affair is seen to be a turning point in human violence. Hardheaded analysis will show that irrational human behaviour is the cause of humanity’s woes. And introducing any shift in an individual’s behaviour takes at least three generations to initiate an effect. Unless a concerted move, nation or world wide, commences now the 75-year lead-time will extend the day humanity can even see a benefit. Further, the organised terrorism that shook the world should in fact be seen as the product of efficiently applied negative SDS effects. And to make it worse, as the following analysis will show, it was this very meditative process that shifted the focus of young men firmly enough to make them sacrifice their lives gladly. The motive was to attain divine glory through reprisal for misdeeds made real by indoctrination. Religiose spiritualism is closely dependent on SDS type of meditation which soon leads to schizophrenic interpretation of even noble principles. Repetitive, rhythmic, chanting, swaying, etc. induces a pseudo-meditative or pseudo-Siddhi state which enhances the internal energy level through synchronisation of hyper-activity. The consequent euphoria becomes a perfect base for a brain washing session. Shamans, dervishes, magicians, wizards and witches exhibit psychic acts in this jada- samadhi or pseudo meditative state, that borders on magic but Sutra 19, chapter 1 of the Yoga Sutra cautions humanity on this very point.

Humanity must realistically understand that personal freedom in thinking always leads to variety in behaviour which in a resource limited environment invariably turns to confrontation, resulting in snatching another’s share. When conditioned by SDS influences, that process turns to terrorism of all sorts because of the cultivated feelings of superiority, through methodical indoctrination. In this background, a society that treasures freedom must accept the consequential spread of behavioural variety but must be prepared to support the proliferation in activity through appropriate remedial measures which do not curb freedom. When nations fail to recognise that extremism of any kind is an SDS disease, with a long incubation period & worldwide ramifications, tackling it head on only exacerbates the problem. Because, SDS negativism that spawned it will now demonstrate that a harsh response is an expected reprisal against their superior beliefs. Eradication of polio, tuberculosis, malaria etc were tackled on a war footing through the WHO by an appropriate immunisation programme These were manageable because the offending organisms, were external, short-lived and non self-sustaining. The disease of terrorism is the worst form of SDS that is self-sustained by pseudo-meditative indoctrination, the most powerful form of applying natural law for negative purposes. As indicated in the Yoga Sutras, Sutra 1, chapter 4, meditative states may be induced by appropriate drugs too. A quick short-term remedy for terrorism is to introduce an undercover programme of ‘immunisation’ through benign hallucinogenic or tranquillising drugs that encourage optimism. It is better than extermination for two reasons. A terrorist is a psychologically trapped, pessimistic, organism that seeks an honourable way out and even death is accepted under the right ‘hypnotherapy’. Hence a society that can secretly introduce the correct ‘chemotherapy’ through hallucinogens, to rehabilitate them meaningfully, wins through undermining their hypothesis that ‘the other’ society is bad. Camphor and incense based hallucinogens are well known in all religious ceremonies and synthesising complex derivatives would be excellent for starters. Russian commandos not only evacuated recently several hundred victims of terrorism but also the terrorists by a drugging technique. That was a last minute panic action but effective planning can, in time, ‘decimate through hallucinogenic conversion’ even terrorist camps that are generally in isolated places. If there is an objection from human rights commissions one could do well to ask them to redefine the ‘human being’ after which they could be forced to choose their options!

How can a worldwide programme of meditation bring about a change towards development of society in an ideal way? So far the process of meditation has been seen as an esoteric process but unconnected to natural phenomenon. This aspect was reinforced by the indifference shown by the scientific community which looked at all parapsychological phenomenon as a fringe behaviour that did not even exist! The Sankhya logic has established through numerical axioms the reality of the field in space and its functioning in the holographic mode. Hence, Physics can ignore these facts only under peril of being arbitrary. Free nations depended on science to develop a nuclear reprisal to end the Second World War. Similarly, science, being outside the SDS boundary, can jointly help accelerate developments, in the holistic domain too, for the welfare of humanity. The effect of the fundamental field on large populations has concrete examples. Entire population of lemmings, whales, wildebeests and other species have been seen to plunge into a suicidal mission spontaneously. The most remarkable event was the Mahakumbha Mela where more than 2 crore individuals assembled spontaneously in one area to witness an astrologically predicted sighting on one particular day. Neither financial motivation nor threat to life could have compelled that crowd to assemble as they did. But it was a voluntarily effort. Group conscious behaviour is an effect of the field. Fashion, music, art and other offbeat behaviour that spontaneously sweeps across the globe are caused by a field phenomenon. The effects of the field are deeply entwined with astrological predictability because it is a science of the holographic field. Scientific, national and world group recognition for this process will make it a standard secular model for improving the individual’s and eventually world- population’s awareness of human responsibilities, simply, elegantly and openly.

Just as, midday meals for school children, work-for-food, mass-immunisation, birth-control, aids-awareness and self-help programmes are launched by government recognised bodies, a similar campaign to educate people on the merits of correct meditation as a non-sectarian, self-improvement and self-education process will establish public acceptance. The national psyche is the sum all the individuals’ personalities. If scientific & educational institutions, welfare organisations, government bodies, industrial enterprises and voluntary groups take it up, as a desirable process to be followed, without being defensive, it will in time become a habit like singing the national anthem. The crux of the problem is to highlight the scientific basis of meditation to prove that it is a natural process devoid of SDS connotations. It could even become the one scientifically supported holistic ‘religion’ of human equality world-wide through self-development and self-realisation from applying Nature’s Law. If that is in doubt, there is a standing example of the Maharishi foundation which has a huge voluntary following exemplified by its accumulated wealth over decades. Eliminating the negative traits from that example is a model for certain success.

An important point to underline is that transcendence through resonance is an involuntary act of Natural law and has no resemblance to mentally created moods of worship and prayers. The essence of Vedantic spiritualism was to inculcate the practice of looking at oneself as an unified and synthesised unit of both the genetic- cellular-body and evanescent-vibratory-aura. Because of SDS leanings, it was grossly misinterpreted as being a separated material & spiritual entity. Hence arose sectarian modes of compulsive unification and synthesis through a system self disciplinary torture, trauma, trials and tribulations. What Natural law has shown, irrefutably through Sankhya, that there is no way that these two aspects can ever be separated. For both are actually of one vibratory form but only the interactive Guna characteristics display them as separate aspects in any organism. In short it is impossible to separate so called spirituality from materiality for every individual must understand once and for all that even the so called core of matter is not a solid but a vibrating spiritual entity that follows one law, the very same material law.

The range of benefits to society from such a non-partisan and non-sectarian programme of meditation will be immense. The first benefit will be the improvement in health which introduces natural immunity. Meditation, being a resonant- transformation process, it reaches all areas of the body, organs, genetic cells, the circulatory, cerebral and aura systems. It is similar to the action of gravitational and magnetic fields that pass through matter. It also strengthens two vital organs, the pineal and thymus glands, that medical science has relegated to the background, because both seem to be functionally disconnected from the rest of the body systems. The pineal gland is the key to psychic or ‘sixth sense’ communication with coherent fields while the thymus gland is the resonant-field-communicator with the immune systems. The holistic approach, though subtle, has untold potential to bring about healthy states that are stable. Secondly, a sound body with a sound mind is the key to correct-self-evolved social behaviour. A strong background of such a practice will in time induce the individuals to relegate all sectarian or SDS trends to the background as personal likes, leanings & fetishes. Such meditational transcendence sensitised the individual to the extent of creating an awareness of other’s sensitivities too. But that did not mean the individual relinquished the right to think in any desirable way. Society must learn that intellectual freedom is a double edged sword where creativity not only forges new paths but also breaks traditions. In the subsequent generations, there would emerge a defensive attitude about publicising such personal feelings. Like, applicants to public undertakings now hide their upper caste heritage and secretly yearn for a scheduled caste status to secure a desperately needed job! And all this unforeseeable negative reversals has been in just 50 years! Emphasising two cardinal principles, that human beings cannot be taught but they can only learn and no desires can be eliminated but only replaced, shows the underlying strength of a free human being.

The freedom of individuals to think and act according to their personal likes is neither in question nor should it ever be. But that freedom is a product of natural law. The boundary of an individual’s right to freedom ends where the other’s begin. That is not just the physical boundary of a human being but the boundary of human feelings. This is a real boundary in a holographic field. Every living thing has an aura of holographic activity surrounding it that blends with the environmental field at the seventh level of harmonic equivalence. It is a dynamic vibrating state of coherent space occupied by any organism. The effects of psychic phenomenon, spiritual practices, faith healing and astrological influences begin at this boundary. The evidence for the reality of this auric field has been established through Kirlian photographic techniques. Acupuncture, despite lack of scientific confirmation, is a realistic part of medical practice. Hypnotism, without a clue from physics, is as real as electromagnetic phenomenon. Backster proved the existence of aura through highly sensitive electronic instruments from experimental recordings of field reactions of plants, animals and humans to distant stimuli. Puharich confirmed its reality as OD fields through psychic experiments. Anne Beasant and Leadbeater physically saw the aura at the atomic level.

In Vedic science, these fields are defined as Koshas or envelopes of aura, with 7 different characteristics of the coherent spectrum. Light and sound are moving aspects of the same field concept. Vibrations in a field of air molecules create a sound spectrum of seven envelopes that reflect the musical scale. Similar vibrations in the field of fundamental space create the electromagnetic and light spectrum of seven sets, of each variety, with exhaustive confirmation of such series in Physics. Despite lack of scientific recognition for the irrefutable auric field, its effects will reinforce the freedom of the individual, nurtured and protected by natures own law and ultimately sweep through all walks of life. Through its benign influences humanity will create, follow and maintain appropriate systems of government, social order and welfare organisations to suit each groups’ needs. The type of systems followed need not be questioned as long it is based on the absolute equality of all human beings to act in total freedom as governed by natures laws. Then the meditative system which created the monster of terrorism through a negative application, will, in time, sublimate them into apostles of peace through its positive forms of freedom and self-evolution. The present polarised power structure is an affront to the concept of human equality and freedom. The mindset of creating unipolar systems will eventually give way to a multipolar outlook where any megalithic base will be looked at as humanity’s anachronism. Man will learn that nature’s laws act slowly but surely to create an equitable change. It will show that revolutionary or explosive changes only perpetuate more revolutions. The 75-year lead-time to see the beginnings of change may seem long but in the annals of human history, it is but a short period. For the law of synchronised action will ensure that change does take place provided human will, to sustain their intentions to produce a shift in human thinking, is given effect, consistently and continuously, world-wide. But most importantly, it must be beyond the debilitating effects of an SDS licensing boundary.

The Meditative Siddhi process

The core mathematical principle from Sutra 6 of Sankhya, is redefined through the Yoga Sutra chapter 1, precisely and specifically by 4 Sutras, 21, 23 and 24 and Sutra 46 of chapter 2 as a clarification. Summarising the essence of these Sutras leads to 3 simple instructions. 1) ‘Submit to the resonant field in coherent space’. 2)‘The seating posture provides the potentially intense and swift way (to meditation)’. 3) ‘The seating posture must be steady and comfortable’. The process outlined could not have been simpler. But surprisingly the emphasis is on seating posture and not the act of meditation itself! This has been the caveat that has led to the aura of mystery and volumes of obfuscatory explanations about the act of meditation. If one immerses an empty vessel into a pond, water must flow into it by itself, and that statement exemplifies the Siddhi process. The critical importance of the steady and comfortable seating posture is given special emphasise through verse 11, chapter 6, of the Bhagavadgita as a prelude to ‘giving in’ to the unified field or Kshetra. Rishi Vamadeva too has defined this seating posture, now called Vamadeva Asana. The human spinal column is arched near the small of the back. That compels the individual to sit at a sloping angle on the ground, in order to keep the upper part of the body straight, balanced and totally relaxed. The upright position enables maintaining a perfectly balanced state by keeping the centre of gravity of the torso within the seating area. A perfectly balanced position is needed to maintain steadiness, which cuts down the internal muscular activity and that encourages total relaxation leading to stillness. In that rock-steady, balanced state of minimal activity, the aura- spectrum of seven levels forms the ground state of an empty vessel ready to be immersed. Then the Theta state of resonance of the cerebral lobes is attained by simply not initiating or pursuing any thought. That is a state of absolute unwillingness to even think. It is a state of renouncing the very initiative to think or act.

Attaining that state of synchronisation triggers the avalanche of transfer through resonance from the resonant field we live in. The crux of the process, the seating angle, demonstrated by Vamadeva, was equivalent to kneeling and squatting on one’s heels. But the Gita, reinforcing the need for perfect steadiness in total comfort, instructed one to roll a thick cloth (deer-hide) around a soft core (straw) to the correct height (approximately equal to the heel) as the seat for maintaining that posture. It’s the equivalent of an ergonomically designed seat on a typist’s chair, which allows one to sit upright and work in total comfort for a long period. The meditative state lasts about 21 minutes. The orbital period in the field around the earth of 84 minutes passes through 4 phase changes (every 90 degree) and the meditation cycle changes with each phase in about 21 minutes. This apparently restful but dynamic state initiates internal changes in all the bodily systems, sub-systems and most importantly the aura. The explicit changes that have immediate effect are stress reduction and energy increase. All of which leads to a state of heightened objectivity, which encourages optimal decision making leading to correct action.

Summarising, the onset of a meditative state cannot be stopped if the individual sits bolt upright in an extremely relaxed, comfortable and steadyposture and firmly renounces all initiative to act or think. At the end of a transcendental session, the meditative state can be consciously continued into various Siddhi states. A brief description of how and why a meditative Siddhi state has the power of carrying out any act perfectly is worth mentioning here. An accident at a street corner can be a complex event and obtaining a correct judgement needs a precise plan. The judge decides to call from the site 12 witnesses located in a circular order as on a clock-face. He decides to note down only the differences in their statements, as there would be great similarity in observations between adjacent witnesses. But there would be contradictions in statements from opposing locations. After hearing the twelfth witness, he begins the process of mental analysis to find the logical reason for the differences in observation. On arriving at a perfectly justifiable set of reasons, he mentally fits it into its corresponding location. By viewing the 12 justified sets of parameters simultaneously in his mind, he gets to see a realistic mental picture of the accident. It is indeed the instant of the accident. Having been able to verify his conclusions by mentally experiencing the accident, he heaves a sigh of relief and pronounces judgement with certainty and satisfaction. The facts are that while the twelve witnesses had a disparate view of the accident the judge obtained a realistic view by mentally experiencing the event, even without being present at the site. The judge had used the meditative Siddhi process to achieve perfection. And Maharishi Kapila thus created Sankhya.

The ability to mentally experience a group of parameters or events simultaneously to understand its real nature is the essence of Siddhi. The first verse in the Atharva Veda predicts that the human mind can experience 343 parameters simultaneously due to an axiomatic reason. This state is described as Dharmamega Samadhi in the Yoga Sutras. In the meditative state, information is collected as Dharana, rationalised as Dhyana, experienced as Samadhi and the instant of understanding the facts as Samyama. It is a natural law, just as collecting the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass is Dharana, focussing it to a spot on a paper is Dhyana, equalising the temperature to ignition-point is Samadhi and the instant of ignition as Samyama. When there is nothing to investigate, the same Samyama state is sustained at the resonant Theta level and the meditator experiences the fundamental unified field directly in its coherent state, which is described as Kaivalya (or stress-free or without the 3 Gunas or state of absolute-objectivity) in the Sutras. That experience is described as a blissful and contented state, when a number of changes to balance the internal system occur automatically. The changes, through resonance, pervade through the autonomic & central nervous, immune, circulatory, respiratory systems and all the physiological functions. When the correct mode of sitting is practised the beginnings of an involuntary swaying movement signals the onset of resonance in the Theta state in which many forms of Siddhis can be initiated and practised. The resonant pulsing of the femoral artery at the groin tends to sway the body when it is perfectly balanced on a pivotable seating posture as described in the Gita. In other seating postures a repetitive mantra, sound or breathing counts slowly induces meditative states, by initiating a phase called the ‘second attention’ through monotonous rhythm and does not lead directly to a Siddhi state. Similarly, monotonous and rhythmic hyperactivity carried to extremes, leads ultimately to a collapse that creates the so-called relaxation response of an Alpha-Theta transition- state leading to psychic phenomenon. The Yoga Sutra based on Sankhya is a complex treatise with far reaching predictions. Only the important aspects that affect ordinary individuals in their daily routine have been highlighted here but even that extols its profoundness. Reviewing, anybody and everybody; of any or all shades of SDS beliefs, can attain the ultimate meditative Siddhi state, swiftly and surely, by objectively following those three instructions sincerely. It is the silent road to automatic human fulfilment. For it is an individual’s birthright, to follow nature’s law in total freedom, as it is nothing else but the physics of the real Universe. Having understood that God and the Universal Reality cannot be different, then every point in real space, as the Purusha, has the very power of omnipotence built into it to nurture its creations through resonance, as derived from axioms in Sankhya.

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