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The Constitution of Human Body

The human body is a marvelous living assemblage of exquisite organic and other functional systems that operate together in a relatively harmonious manner. the constitution of the human body is a veritable miracle. It is derived from the five natural elements, and has four key constituents: a) doshas, b) agni, c) dhatus, and d) malas.

Prana (Vital Energy)

Prana is variously referred to as the breath, the original life force, and the vital bio-energy. It essentially represents a set of energy pathways, patterns or impulses that move across the different regions of the body, and constitute the primary motive force of human existence.

Achaara (Discipline & Harmony)

Achaara refers to good conduct and positive demeanour. It implies moral and ethical conduct as well as the practice of benevolence in behaviour. Achaara may essentially be looked upon as behavioral medicine, which helps people to find and maintain balance in life. This helps to bring about rejuvenation in the body-mind system, and also reverses the disease process.

The Human Mind

The mind perceives and acts through the body, which is its gross form. The brain functions as the vehicle for the mind, and mirrors its operations. However, the mind is not limited to the body. Wherever we direct our attention, the mind is already there.

Pratyahara (Sensory Introversion)

Pratyahara refers to the process of voluntary abstraction or withdrawal of the human senses from the undue sources of their nourishment. Sensory withdrawal helps the person to perceive the present moment in an objective manner, without any distortion arising either from the sensory filters or the myriad mental projections.

The Engagement Imperative

Managers and leaders in the digital era are so overwhelmingly pre-occupied with the external environment that their capacity to constructively engage with their own people appears to have shrunk drastically. Employees are expected to offer loyalty to the employer, without a reciprocal commitment from the organization towards the protection of their work and paycheck.

The Individual Human Being

Each one of us is proud to be born human.But, what exactly is an individual human being? The human organism is a genetic, physiological, psychological and spiritually sentient being that is placed in a given familial, social, political, cultural and historical context.