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Capability Building

Individual professionals differ greatly in the level of capability they possess at any given point in time. Matching the demands of the job role with the capability of the role-holder is the key to personal and collective effectiveness. When capability matches the complexity of the assigned work, it results into a state of flow that yields organizational vitality as well as personal fulfillment. Capability development is thus the sine qua non for individual as well as organizational success.

All organized work falls into a natural hierarchy that comprises of seven strata. The roles at each stratum are accompanied by specific and unique accountabilities. When capable people fulfill their respective accountabilities at various organizational levels, a high-performance work context comes into being!

Samatvam Academy has developed comprehensive behavioural interventions that effortlessly facilitate the outcomes expected from each of the organizational roles. Originally developed knowledge frameworks are employed to help every person to build professional capability towards superior role performance and enhanced organizational engagement.

Capability Building