Enabling a colleague to transcend the limitations that inhibit superlative performance


Mentorship is a supportive relationship between a caring individual who is ready to share knowledge, experience and wisdom, with another who is willing to benefit from this exchange. It helps to unlock the courage to think and act beyond existing limitations and paradigms.

Mentorship is a structured engagement that facilitates accelerated maturity in the personal, professional as well as social dimensions of existence. Founded upon a spirit of openness, empathy and mutual respect, it entails a series of supportive conversations and interventions that facilitate personal growth as well as capability development.

Mentorship is a holistic developmental process that facilitates the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support. At the heart of this partnership lies an interpersonal dialogue that allows for collaborative reflection, planning, and feedback toward the attainment of the mentee’s desires, goals and objectives.

The practice of mentoring is facilitated by an appreciative, strength-based approach towards human interaction.

Mentorship Mastery is accomplished through Esteem, Envision and Evoke


Recognizing inherent potential, as well as the articulation of key talents and values


Challenging the status quo, by helping to envisage a preferred future for the individual


Harnessing demonstrated capability as well as latent potential towards the realization of the vision.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the phenomenon of mentorship, as well as the process framework that helps one to master it in practice

  • Frame and employ affirmative questions that help to bring out the best in a colleague

  • Guide another individual towards the creative articulation of a personal vision

  • Build confidence and conviction in the other person, towards the realization of professional aspirations in a personally fulfilling manner

  • Enable people to progressively transcend their perceived limitations

  • Practice actual mentoring conversations, in real time