Engaging a work-unit towards maximizing output from a minimum of resources

A manager is any person who provides directional and operational inputs to several groups of people, and is held accountable for the quality and quantity of their collective output.

Managerial efficacy is the capacity to deliver the optimal output by synergizing between the effective achievement of tasks and the building of constructive relationships. Through the judicious use of all the available inputs, managers help the organization to deliver more with less.

Effective managers create empowered groups of employees, who take the initiative whenever a problem is noticed. Each colleague is actively engaged, and his or her strengths are deployed for the good of the entire work unit.

Managers maximize value-creation by deriving synergy between task achievement and personal fulfillment. Their core mandate is to harness the maximum output from the deployment of minimal resources.

Managerial Efficacy is facilitated by Affirmation, Amalgamation and Accomplishment


Identifying the individual characteristics and competencies of the colleagues


Aligning and harmonizing strengths and values, so as to create a highly capable work unit


Judicious deployment of resources to secure optimal results


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to identify and leverage diversity by utilizing individual strengths to build collective capability

  • Effectively navigate the interaction between the numerous variables in a situation, in order to achieve the planned output

  • Implement norms and procedures for high performance, and facilitate rapid problem solving

  • Synchronize individual interests with the organizational needs and requirements

  • Learn the art of productive accomplishment and the ability to deliver “more with less.”

  • Understand and imbibe the process framework that may be deployed for managerial success