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Individual Excellence

Catapulting individual performance through a natural and integrative process


An organization creates value for its customers through the delivery of products or services. This process hinges on the accomplishment of innumerable tasks – large and small – in an efficient and elegant manner. Members of an organization who are directly responsible for task achievement are referred to as “individual contributors”.

Most organizational members usually spend the first few years of their career in that capacity. Whether in sales, accounting, IT, manufacturing or supply chain, they contribute by meeting outlined goals in specified time frames through the use of their professional skills. Their performance ideal is to accomplish excellence in the assigned areas of responsibility.


Excellence is guided by an individual's intention to generate constructive outcomes towards the achievement of efficacy as well as fulfillment in the performance of tasks. This demands preparedness on the intrapersonal plane.

Human beings are blessed with an extraordinary spectrum of consciousness that constitutes their being. The different levels of the personality – physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and causal – need to be organized into a state of mutual concert. This integration enables the person to harmonize and apply all of one's “personal” resources towards the chosen task or enterprise. The perceived constraints and limitations are progressively transcended such that performance eventually culminates into excellence.

To achieve Individual Excellence in actual practice, the following processes should be concurrently deployed:

  • a) Frame – Discovering one's own talents, and deploying these in a chosen direction
  • c) Focus – Mindfully channelizing vitality and effort in the service of the endeavour
  • c) Flow – Spontaneous mastery over the intersection between oneself and the task

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore the various levels of their being, and achieve homogeneous integration among these

  • Accomplish the assigned tasks in a manner that delights all stakeholders

  • Feel spontaneous joy and a sense of intrinsic reward in the performance of activities

  • Experience an energized merging of action and awareness

  • Discover constructive growth opportunities even in challenging circumstances

  • Enhance self-confidence and self-efficacy