Catapulting individual performance progressively towards efficacy, mastery and fulfillment.

People who hold direct responsibility for task achievement are referred to as Individual Contributors. They usually have access to large amounts of information as well as ample freedom to deploy their intrinsic capabilities towards the delivery of results. Their quest is to make the job resemble “play”, which is marked by flexibility, variety, and challenge.

The performance ideal of individual contributors is to accomplish their assignments with excellence – which represents a measure of consistently superior performance that surpasses requirements or expectations, without demonstrating significant flaws or waste. It requires that the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual and intuitive capacities of the personality need to be harmonized into a state of mutual concert. The inhibiting limitations are progressively transcended during this process, such that performance eventually culminates into excellence.

Excellence in actual practice is achieved by Frame, Focus and Flow


Organize or gather together the input resources


Structure & align the input resources, and direct these towards a focal point


Carefully synchronize the application of resources, and initiate the result


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the phenomenon of excellence, as well as the process framework that helps to achieve it in actual practice

  • Learn how to establish priorities and formulate a plan, in the light of the situational context

  • Experience how tasks can be impeccably achieved, in a natural and effortless manner

  • Enhance one’s body-mind coordination as well as self-confidence

  • Explore the various levels of the human personality, and how they relate to one another

  • Appreciate the process of aligning one’s whole being with the project at hand