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Entrepreneurial Synergy

Entrepreneurial Synergy

Generation of innovative solutions through a synergistic integration of opposing perspectives


The business environment is rife with conflict and contrasts. Interactions are dynamic, and every stakeholder has a voice that cries out at the slightest hint of dissatisfaction or denial. In this mileu, business executives must promote stability and growth, tradition and innovation, collaboration and competition, order and freedom – all at the same time.

The primary executive challenge is to pull together these apparently incompatible priorities that are simultaneously critical in delivering value. Executive genius lies in recognizing that these are actually complementary and symbiotic, just like the two sides of the same coin.

Extraordinary synergy may be obtained by the transcendence of dichotomy, through the creative integration of opposing perspectives. Intrepid entrepreneurs across the ages have been doing just that, in order to generate disruptive innovation.

This is now the mandate of contemporary entrepreneurs and organizational executives alike.








Synergy is a dynamic process in which the combined effects produced by the interacting entities is greater than the sum of effects when they act independently. The synergistic approach to management has a logic that reconciles differences, and enables interaction amongst people who hold contrasting value systems.

Synergy and innovation are obtained through a three-step process sequence as follows:
  • Respect – Acknowledge the value or merit that resides in each perspective
  • Reconcile – Integrate and harmonize the competing values and priorities
  • Realize – Harness the benefits in the form of innovative outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  • Appreciate the phenomenon of stakeholder inter-dependence in organizational life, and the need for a co-operative or synergistic approach to value creation
  • Respect and value different people and divergent perspectives, and systematically leverage these to reate "win-win" outcomes
  • Develop perceptual flexibility and behavioural adaptability, so as to recognize complementarity instead of conflict
  • Learn how to harmonize opposing priorities and perspectives as well as reconcile paradoxes and dilemmas
  • Evolve innovative solutions through an integrative approach
  • Satisfy numerous stakeholders in a dynamic environmental context

Entrepreneurial Synergy