In the twenty-first century, organizations are faced with more volatility than they can handle. They are forced to grow more quickly, and with the use of fewer resources. To accomplish this, organizations need to rely on the energy and commitment of their entire workforce.

Engagement is a measure of an employee’s emotional and intellectual commitment to the organization’s success. It refers to the degree to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, display commitment, put discretionary effort into their work, and feel a sense of flow while performing their tasks. Therefore, Engagement Capability is the ability and readiness of across the roles in the organizations to deliver in the specific areas that facilitate successful employee engagement.

Samatvam Academy has developed authentic, research-based, pedagogic frameworks that help develop engagement capability of the participants that results in superior role performance and enhanced organizational engagement. These originally developed frameworks outline the key process and elements to be focused upon by each organizational level to foster the requisite engagement capability in their role.

The Academy offers highly experiential programs that generate motivation for development and change in the hearts and minds of the participants. We have fine-tuned its developmental methodology to achieve just the right balance of theory and practice in the programs. These programs enable the organizational members to develop melody, harmony and rhythm in carrying out their responsibilities so as to eventually deliver excellence.