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Appreciative Inquiry


Modern organizations participate in a world of constant social and economic change. They perform and grow in the face of uncertainties - internal as well as external. This requires them to remain perennially innovative, and swiftly adapt to their environment.

Adaptation is propelled by two fundamental sources of energy: fear and aspiration. While fear is instrumental in producing extraordinary accomplishments within short periods of time, aspiration is the engine that has been proven to deliver enduring learning and change.


Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an aspirational approach to organizational innovation and adaptation in a fast-paced environment that catalyzes change at the speed of imagination. It is fundamentally based on the premise that human life is a profound mystery to be embraced and explored, rather than a series of problems to be solved.

AI seeks to discover the strengths or the forces of vitality of an organization, and then build upon these to formulate a picture of the organization's aspired future. Its core methodology of celebrating the springs of vitality in a human system unleashes sparks of collective energy. This helps remedy the system's deficiencies, and also propels it towards the realization of the articulated vision.


Appreciative Inquiry is designed around the following fourphase process:

  • a) Discover – the strengths inherent in the organization
  • c) Dream – and envision the aspired future state of the organization
  • c) Design – the organizational structure and strategy for realizing the vision
  • c) Deliver – results and outcomes in actual practice

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the 4-D framework that guides Appreciative Inquiry

  • Initiation and facilitation of Appreciative Inquiry projects.

  • Create appreciative interview protocols, and skillfully conduct interviews

  • Carry out thematic analysis of appreciative data

  • Learning to construct possibility propositions that work as blueprints for concrete action.

  • Application of the Appreciative Inquiry framework to a variety of situations

Participant Profile:

All members of the Human Resources, Learning and Organization Development community