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Mentorship Clinic

Facilitating the actualization of a colleague's inherent potential for superlative performance


The need for every member of the organization to perform up to one's potential is greater than ever before. Each one of us continually requires gaining fresh knowledge, learning new skills and imbibing positive attitudes in order to deliver superlative performance.

This is optimally catalyzed through the establishment of a coaching relationship between a senior and an emerging leader. The process of mentoring facilitates the unlocking of a person's potential to think and act beyond existing limits and paradigms. The goal is to help maximize performance and enhance confidence at the same time.

At the heart of mentoring is an interpersonal dialogue, which allows for collaborative critical thinking, planning, reflection, and feedback toward the realization of the protégé’s visions, goals or desires. The mentor and the protégé together explore new destinations and possibilities by challenging the perceived constraints.


Our mentoring framework adopts an appreciative, strength-based approach to development, in line with the latest scholarly research in the area of optimizing human performance. It has three core phases:

  • a) Esteem – Recognizing the inherent potential resident within the protégé and develop a full picture of the current values, talents and skills
  • b) Envision – Challenging the status quo by envisioning a preferred future for the individual, while pushing the creative edges of possibility
  • c) Evoke – Performance and development plans are developed to help translate the vision into actual reality. It also involves behavioral experimentation in order to overcome old habits and learn new ones.

This entire expedition is intended towards enabling the protégé to perform at full potential by gradually TRANSCENDING his/her perceived LIMITATIONS.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning to enhance another person's confidence to excel in a chosen endeavour

  • Deploying the processes of inquiry to help uncover personal aspirations

  • Framing appreciative questions that affirmatively bring out a person's strengths and talents

  • Defining and articulating a personal vision through a creative and engaging process

  • Crafting road maps for realization of professional objectives in conjunction with personal fulfillment

  • Practice of coaching conversations in real time, and receiving constructive feedback.