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"All the lessons of history in four sentences: Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power; The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small; The bee fertilizes the flower it robs; When it is dark enough, you can see the stars"

..... Charles A. Beard
Customized People Development

Every organization has a unique cultural milieu that determines what shape and form of developmental interventions prove to be effective therein. Accordingly, the Academy conducts contextually crafted learning engagements in response to stated organizational needs. Designed with the help of thorough diagnostic groundwork and inputs from the leadership team, these exercises deliver specific, measurable and long-lasting results.

Our comprehensive four-stage framework carefully customizes learning and development engagements to the particular team or organizational context.

Comprehend - Involves identifying the specific learning needs of the organizationand delineation of the specific performance gaps that need to be addressed.

Craft - Involves the crafting the objectives to be achieved by the learners at the end of the program and identifying the right content and methodologies to achieve them. This phase comprises four elements, as depicted.

Conduct - Involves the actual conduct of the intervention, employing a variety of experiential learning methodologies.These include Structured Exercises, Role Plays, Audio-Visual Films, Paired Interviews, Group Simulations, Human Interaction Laboratories, Wisdom Stories, Collage Art and Yogic techniques

Consolidate - Involves handholding the participants in their endeavour to transfer the lessons from the workshop to the workplace. This involves multiple initiatives such as the learning café, individual coaching, and application feedback.